About Us

The story of MANNA begins in the bond of love between a grandmother and grandson. Demar Mills and his grandmother, Mama Lillie, shared a love of popcorn and often cooked a unique recipe that they created together.

Demar’s modeling career took him to Miami, where he met his wife, Whitney, who had also moved to Miami in search of new opportunities and adventures. Demar eagerly shared his love for popcorn with Whitney. The couple tweaked and solidified the recipe that would eventually become known as MANNA.

Demar and Whitney debuted their popcorn recipe as a dessert course to their friends at the parties they often hosted. Their friends began to request the unique dessert at all of their social gatherings. The couple considered the overwhelming responses to the flavor and decided to establish a specialty food business around their secret family recipe. Demar fused their first names together to represent the budding company, calling it DemWhit’s.